At Bainbridge Design we understand how busy you are. Your day to day schedule as a facility manager is jam-packed. There are longstanding needs and new requests that keep rolling in. Between everything you already have on your plate and the tasks that get piled on, it’s no surprise that you might need some facility management support. Lucky for you we’re here to help.

Facility management support covers every aspect of a property, building, or space. The tasks clients ask us to take on run the gamut of maintenance and modifications that property and facility managers handle. Our mentality is that if you need help we want to be the ones to find a solution.

Facilitating Property Management Support For Our Clients

How do we help our clients? We make their lives a little easier by helping them lift a heavy load of projects. By taking on projects we are uniquely qualified to handle or facilitating the completion of projects you are struggling to complete, we help you check boxes off your to-do list. We do so with a wide network of skilled partners and contractors we trust, ensuring the job gets done right.

Over 35 years we’ve helped a range of clients including Wells Fargo, Welch Allyn, Colliers and Multicare Health Systems. Our facility management support has led to long-lasting relationships with clients facility managers we love working with. One of those managers is Len Harjala, Facilities Supervisor at Welch Allyn.

“I frequently call on Bainbridge for many needs beyond design and space planning.  They combine exceptional customer service with an impressive industry network finding me viable solutions every time.”

We take pride in delivering solutions that work for our clients. We are more than interior designers. We are creative problem solvers, space planners, project managers, and facilitators. Whatever it takes to lighten your load, we can help make it happen.

Support for Every Facility Management Need

Need more proof of what we’re capable of? Here’s just a short list of how we’ve helped our clients in the past:

  • Clear acoustic solutions
  • Security design and solutions
  • New material identification and replacement
  • ATM design and installation
  • Reception modification without replacement
  • Display wall design and lighting
  • Fireplace installation and solutions
  • Fixture, furniture, and equipment (FFE) solutions
  • Garbage shoot design and installation
  • Simple space measurement and planning
  • Entire project planning, contracting and coordination

These are just a few examples of the requests we’ve received, and handled, for clients.

Have a question about a project? Get in touch with and see how we can help.