Organization and space planning is a little like packing a giant suitcase. Have you ever neatly packed for a trip only to have it overflowing upon your return? There’s no souvenirs, no extra goods, but your clothes no longer seem to fit! Odds are it’s because of how you organized your luggage the second time around.

When we help clients with organization and space planning we help them organize employees, operations, and services neatly into a space. Whether it’s reorganizing a space they already inhabit or planning for a new office, we find efficient space solutions that account for all of their needs. Using insights into efficiency, our space planning and organization practices are designed to help your company get wherever it’s headed.

Space Planning and Organization For The Oregon Lottery

After providing various design and space planning services for the Oregon Lottery for over 10 years, Bainbridge was hired to conduct a facility-wide space analysis. Over the years the Lottery had maxed out their space, using piecemeal solutions to accommodate rising needs. They reached a point where they were considered moving a department offsite, a costly and inefficient solution. Lucky for them, we had a better idea.

We discovered that with minimal reductions to the size of the individual workstations each department could maintain necessary functions while fitting the building dimensions more efficiently. The resulting organization and space planning solution allowed the Oregon Lottery to accommodate an additional 50 staff as well as update their FF&E collection and improve work processes through department locations. 

Luck, And Space, Is What You Make It

Our space planning and organization work not only allowed the Oregon Lottery to save money and streamline processes by keeping departments in one building, but was also the catalyst for a paradigm shift within the organization. As you know, a workspace can have a huge impact on the morale of employees, and with a few simple changes we were able to give the entire office that lucky feeling.

We eliminated tall enclosed workstations and opened up window space, allowing light to flow in and facilitating interactions between employees. We provided sit-stand work surfaces for employees, more open seating spaces and more small conference rooms to encourage collaboration. We also created custom wall graphics voted on by employees, that gave them a unique say in their workspace.

Organization and space planning is a huge undertaking for an organization. This Oregon Lottery project was implemented over a three year period, but the end result made it worth the effort. It’s another example of how with hard work and commitment to finding the right solution Bainbridge can deliver results that work.

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